Monday, October 10, 2011

Revlon Photo Ready Powder

New video review!
Check it out :)

Wet n Wild Palette- Blue Had Me at Hello

I recently got a new Wet 'n Wild Palette- Blue Had Me at Hello.  Gorgeous pigmented colors and wanted to show them to you.

Here is what the packaging looks like...

Only a little bit goes a long way as you can see here when I swatched them on my fingers...

Haven't tried a tutorial on these yet but really like what I see.  They have a really creamy butter texture that I love.  I got these at Walgreens for $4.99 which is a fabulous price! That averages to about $.62 an eyeshadow! Huge savings compared to MAC ;).  I will let you know when I do my tutorial on these:) 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just to show how weird I am...

So my birthday is this Friday, September 23.  I will be 19 and I am so excited! The weird thing about this is I don't want to go out to eat at a fancy restaurant where I can stuff my face....weird huh? I want to COOK my FRIENDS dinner for MY birthday!! Ouch, that was kinda painful to say....I mean what if I don't want to do that anymore....would wings at Applebees be better?? nah! I want to cookkkkkk!!:) I don't know exactly what yet but when I do TRUST me it is gonna be delish!!

Face Mask

So I tried this new face mask....
Literally couldn't move my face! It felt like I had put rubber cement on my face, left it there, and then it dried!...
I LOVED IT!!! Everyone needs to try it!;)
It is a smoothie face mask that you can buy at Walmart!
I got raspberry mango...
Here is a picture of how good I looked in it! and the video of me putting it on!:)

What do you do when you look THIS good in a face mask?? Make a youtube video of it!!:) 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Essie Nail Polish Review

There are so many things I love about Essie polish.  First and foremost it stays on my nails for a really long time.  Well long enough for nail polish.  The brush is perfect for my nail beds considering they are kinda small.  I have a limited selection right now BUT as I get more I will update! Here are our stars for the evening:

From left to right they are:
Pink Daiquiri
Master Plan
Bahama Mama
Cute as a Button
Merino Cool

Those are the Essie products that I have!:)

Simply Balanced Archer Farms Drink Mix

So sometimes I love water and sometimes I absolutely hate water.  I like to spice up my water a lot but I hated doing so with artificial sweeteners.  I love crystal light but I just didn't like the fact that it had aspartame in it (an artificial sweetener).  I went to Target and was looking in the aisles and found the Simply Balanced Archer Farms drink mix! It has natural flavors and is naturally sweetened! NO ARTIFICIAL CRAP!!! But it probably tastes horrible right? WRONG!! It tastes amazing!!! I got the strawberry dragon fruit flavor and it is da bomb!!:) You all should try it!:)

New video up!!

Here is my newest video!! Make sure you enter this contest!!!:)